History and dreams.


Being an Oromo-American born in Missouri and raised in Minnesota, Abdiwak has learned over time that communication is essential in bridging disparate communities and backgrounds. Learning greatly from his older sister, Abdiwak grew up with the belief that art is a universal language that joins people together. That fundamental idea hooked Abdiwak at a young age; he hasn't turned back.

present day

From college, Abdiwak was offered a position as the interactive design assistant at Modern Survey, a small HR technology company in NE Minneapolis. There he learned how to use design and film to create a user experience that removes barriers to completing employee engagement surveys. Modern Survey was acquired by Aon in the spring of 2016, after which Abdiwak stayed on as a junior designer in marketing. After a promotion to design specialist, Abdiwak spent the rest of his time in marketing for Aon, till leaving in 2018. He is currently a full time graphic designer at UnitedHealthcare. Side projects allow Abdiwak the opportunity to keep his other creative senses sharp. From Kickstarter launch videos to illustrations, Abdiwak continues to stretch his abilities and strives to learn new methods of expressing himself creatively.

the future

Illustration, photography, video... what comes next? If digital design is the evolution of print media, then video games are a natural next step to film. Abdiwak looks forward to sharing his future project in this field.